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Blocked Drains from $99

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Blocked Drains
Specialists In Drain Cleaning
At Newcastle Plumbing & Blocked Drain Specialist we have highly qualified and experienced staff to give our customers the best drain cleaning solutions.

What causes a blockage?
Most blockages are caused by tree root penetration, build up of grease & fat, dirt & sand build up.

How can we help fix your drain?
We use an Electric Eel or High Pressure Water Blaster to clear your drains successfully. We offer a 3 month warranty on all blockages if we can locate your sewer shaft. However, if the pipe is badly damaged or collapsed we will then assess the best option for repairs.

What are the options for fixing a blocked drain?
We can utilise our CCTV Equipment to get a better view of what is happening inside your pipes and provide a solution in a written quotation.

How do I avoid a blocked drain?
We offer maintenance drain cleaning services for stormwater and sewer drains before they block up and become costly.

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Newcastle Plumbing, Gas and Blocked Drain Specialist.

24/7 Emergency
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