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Daves 40+ years experience in backflow testing and prevention to ensure your water stays clean

At Newcastle Plumbing, we’re committed to keeping our customer’s drinking water safe. Sometimes, contaminants can get into our water which can be extremely harmful if left untreated. To prevent this from happening, backflow testing and prevention is required.

For more than 40 years, we’ve been providing reliable backflow test reports in Newcastle. In line with Hunter Water’s requirements, we can determine whether your home or business is high, medium, or low risk for contamination, then provide recommendations and solutions if required.

Our team of experts can provide a range of backflow prevention services including problem diagnosis, the installation of a new backflow testing device, and the treating, testing, and prevention of issues that could arise from the backflow device on your property.

What is backflow prevention?

Backflow occurs when the flow of water in your plumbing system reverses. When this happens, back-siphonage can occur, which means your drinking and bathing water could be contaminated.

A backflow prevention device stops contaminated or polluted water from flowing backwards into your drinking water. The device forces water to travel in one direction only, eliminating the change of cross-connecting contaminated water into your domestic drinking water.

What causes backflow to occur?

There are several reasons for backflow. For example, backflow can be caused by either back-siphonage or back pressure. Back siphonage occurs when there is a burst or ruptured water main, or excessive demand for water in fire-fighting operations.

Some other examples include:

  • A garden hose submerged in a swimming pool, tank, or pond
  • Underground irrigation sprinklers (pop-ups) located in low lying areas where surface water ponding occurs

Back pressure can also occur if a water pump is cross-connected to the internal water plumbing system and is pumping water at a higher pressure than the water main. For example, a rainwater tank with a pressure pump interconnected with the drinking water supply.

A backflow prevention device can stop this from happening.

Why do I need backflow testing in Newcastle?

Backflow testing and backflow prevention devices are an important component of protecting the Hunter’s drinking water. Backflow prevention devices are also required under Australian Standards for all premises identified as a risk to the public water supply.

backflow testing services

Who is responsible for backflow testing in Newcastle?

It is Hunter Water’s responsibility to exercise their duty of care to protect Newcastle’s drinking water and safeguard public health. This includes ensuring adequate backflow prevention is in place to protect the drinking water supply system.

The home or business owner is responsible for arranging a licenced and backflow accredited plumber like Newcastle Plumbing Service & Blocked Drain Specialist to install, maintain, and annually test the backflow device(s) on their property according to all relevant standards and regulations.

Why do I need an annual backflow test report in Newcastle?

Every backflow prevention device must be tested annually. This is a legal requirement and a condition of your water supply. Backflow testing in Newcastle ensures your backflow device is maintained to an acceptable standard and continues to operate effectively.

The team from Newcastle Plumbing Service & Block Drain Specialist can perform backflow prevention device testing and send certified reports to Hunter Water on your behalf.

Why you need Newcastle plumbing for backflow testing?

With competitive prices and more than 30 years experience in the industry, we’re the top choice for backflow prevention in Newcastle.

At Newcastle Plumbing Service & Blocked Drain Specialist , we have a solid relationship with Hunter Water. We’ve provided them with thousands of detailed, reliable backflow testing reports over the years, and we’ve become Newcastle’s number one choice for a quick and painless report.

One of our professional team members will come to your home or business at a convenient time for you, perform backflow testing, and then provide recommendations for improvement (if required). We will then complete a report for Hunter Water, assuring them your backflow prevention device is functioning and the drinking water is safe and secure.

Our goal is to take the stress out of backflow testing. We’ll do the checks and submit the paperwork, while you sit back, relax, and have a morning coffee. We’ll be out of your hair in no time.

According to Australian Standards, there are three “cross connection” hazard ratings.

  1. Low hazard – any condition, device, or practice which constitutes a nuisance but does not endanger health or cause injuries.
  2. Medium hazard – any condition, device, or practice which has the potential to endanger health.
  3. High hazard – any condition, device, or practice which has the potential to cause death.

As you can see, backflow testing is essential for the health and safety of your family, as well as your community. It is essential to have backflow testing in Newcastle every year.

Yes. Your hazard rating determines what kind of backflow prevention device you’re required to install on your property.

  • For a low hazard, all 20mm and 25mm Hunter Water issued water meters incorporate internal low hazard devices – so no additional device is required. Hunter Water manages the replacement of these devices through their meter exchange program. For water meter sizes larger than 25mm, an independent site containment testable device is required to be installed downstream of the property’s water meter.
  • For medium and high hazards, an independent testable backflow prevention device is required for all service sizes. The device is required to be installed downstream of the property’s water meter.

Hunter Water also takes into account your property’s “risk rating”. These are the same as hazard ratings but delves deeper into the potential for backflow on your property. Backflow risk can be classed as low, medium or high based on Hunter Water’s Site Containment Backflow Prevention Standard and other Australian Standards.

Hunter Water uses both hazard and risk ratings to determine what kind of backflow device you need on-site.

Absolutely. Our team of qualified plumbers can install a new backflow prevention device for you.

We also offer problem diagnosis, repairs, and servicing. Whatever you need to secure your drinking water and comply with Hunter Water’s safety standards, we can do it for you.

Backflow testing takes around 30 minutes. However, it depends on the location, the backflow prevention device, and the condition of the device itself.

Repairing a backflow prevention device might take extra time, too.

When a backflow prevention device fails, the water starts to pump in reverse, contaminating the usable water supply. Serious contamination can occur, leading to illnesses. For this reason, Hunter Water requires a test for backflow every year and to address any problems immediately.

Yes, you need a backflow prevention device. Certain properties – commercial or residential – connected to the water infrastructure within Hunter Water’s area of operations must have a backflow prevention device installed. Both home and business owners in the Hunter must have their device checked by a professional plumber every year.

It depends when you had your backflow prevention device installed. Newcastle Plumbing Service & Blocked Drain Specialist will send you a friendly reminder, Hunter Water may also send a reminder in the mail.

You will be required to have your backflow prevention device replaced or repaired. If Hunter Water determines your backflow prevention device is unsatisfactory, you will be given a notice to repair, test, replace, or install a suitable backflow prevention device.

If you don’t have your backflow testing device repaired or replaced, Hunter Water has the right to switch off your water supply.

We have decades of experience in installing, servicing, and testing backflow prevention devices. If your device fails the test, we can provide the necessary services to get your device back in working order.

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