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We have 25 years experience in backflow testing and prevention to ensure your water stays clean

Newcastle Plumbing is experienced in backflow testing and prevention to ensure your water stays clean. With 25 years of experience, we have a reputation throughout Newcastle for producing the best results at competitive prices. With a large team, we’ve always got someone available to help you out!

Our expert team are trained and can provide a range of services relating to backflow prevention, including installation of new devices and problem diagnosis, as well as treating, testing and preventing issues that may arise with any backflow devices on your property.

What is Backflow Prevention?

A backflow prevention device is basically a device which stops contaminated or polluted water flowing backwards into your usable water. The device allows water to travel in one direction only, eliminating the change of cross-connecting contaminated water into your domestic drinking water.

What can cause backflow?

Backflow can be caused by either back-siphonage or back pressure, and requires a cross connection between the contaminated source and the drinking water supply.

Examples of when back-siphonage can occur include:

  • A garden hose submerged in a swimming pool, tank or pond
  • Blow ground irrigation sprinklers (pop ups) located in low lying areas where surface water ponding occurs

Examples of when back pressure can occur include:

  • Rainwater tank with pressure pump interconnected with the drinking water supply

Why are Back Flow Prevention Devices Required?

Backflow prevention devices are an important component in protecting Hunter Water’s drinking water and are required under Australian Standards for an any premises identified as posing a risk to the public drinking water supply.

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Who is Responsible?

Hunter Water’s responsibility is to exercise the required duty of care in the protection of Newcastle’s drinking water supply and to safeguard public health within our areas of operation. This includes ensuring adequate site containment backflow prevention is in place to protect the drinking water supply system.

The property owner is responsible for arranging a licenced and backflow accredited plumber such as Newcastle Plumbing to install, maintain and annually test the backflow device(s) on their property according to all relevant standards and regulations.

Why is Annual Backflow Testing Required?

Each backflow prevention device must be tested annually. This is a legal requirement and a condition of your water supply. Testing ensures that your backflow device is maintained to an acceptable standard and continues to operate effectively. Newcastle Plumbing can perform these tests and send certified reports to Hunter Water for recording.

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