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At Newcastle Plumbing, we are specialists in working with Colorbond roofing metal. More often than not, some of the best looking and eye catching roofs are going to be predominately Colorbond and we find it is by far the most requested type of roofing job we get.

We will happily replace or restore your old and weathered roof using the finest Colorbond or zincalume materials.

We use a range of different grades and insulation types.  All work is certified by a licensed plumber to ensure maximum quality and a long lasting roof.

Gutter Cleaning

When it comes to protecting your home against rain and chances of bush fire damage with gutters blocked with leaves, gutter cleaning is your best line of defense.  Without proper installation and maintenance, gutters can fall into disrepair and fail to provide the protection your home needs.  This critical component of the home’s safety and security can be impacted by precipitation as well as culprits like pests and debris.  In order to avoid damage caused by build-up of debris or damage to the gutter, you’ll want to hire professionals for gutter cleaning.

What Causes Damage to Gutter Systems?

As the gutter system moves water away from the home, it is vulnerable to the build-up of leaves, twigs, dirt, pinecones, and insects.  As these elements settle into the troughs of the system, a resulting blockage will occur.  This blockage is what leads to leakage and eventual damage to the home.  Without proper maintenance and the assistance of professional gutter cleaners, homeowners will face certain damage from the overflow of water into the structure.

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How to Avoid Accumulation of Debris in Your Gutters

The build-up of debris in a gutter system is inevitable.  Over time, as rainwater rushes through the system, it will bring with it leaves and other debris.  The only way of effectively preventing a blockage is through routine gutter cleaning.  It is recommended that you perform gutter cleaning at least once a year, although bi-annual cleanings are an ideal way of preventing the problem.

How to Clean Your Gutters

Although many homeowners attempt to tackle gutter cleaning on their own, it can be a dangerous job.  Trying to balance on a ladder whilst using improper equipment can result in injury, not to mention improper cleaning of the gutters.  The only way to safely and effectively clean your gutters is to hire professional gutter cleaners.

Gutter/Leaf Guard

Reasons to install Gutterguard:
Clogged gutters can not only cause water ingress in the roof, but the debris build up can damage the gutters. The weight of the debris, along with trapped water, can place enough weight on the gutters that they begin to pull away from the house.  As water collects in the clogged gutters the metal gutters start to rust over time. Allowing debris to remain in the gutter for long periods can cause enough damage that the gutters must be replaced.   Installing gutterguard is a prevention measure saving time and money on gutter clean out.

When you compare the one-off costs of installing a gutter protection system versus how much you spend annually on cleaning and maintenance, and the potential costs of what could go wrong with your gutters, it definitely pays to invest to protect the value of your home. Prevention is better than the cure – in more ways than one.

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Leak Detection

Roof leak detection involves the process of tracing a leaking ceiling back to its source or point of entry, while to some this may seem like a simple task it takes years of practice, experience and a broad knowledge of retro and modern building systems.

A leaking roof can be one of the most frustrating and expensive things to happen to your home if left untreated and often involves careful inspection and knowledge to identify weak points in your homes main defence from the elements.

Water doesn’t necessarily follow an obvious path into your home and can sometimes be a result of multiple small leaks such as vents, penetrations or small rust holes. Newcastle Plumbing  like to differentiate ourselves from the completion by giving our customers the right fix, not just the quick fix and being able to pinpoint leaks with accuracy means less materials, less labour and less cost to pass on to our customers.

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