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Newcastle Waterproofing Services

Professional waterproofing services to protect your home or business

Water can cause massive amounts of damage if allowed to leak throughout your home or business. Water damage can cause rotting wood, mould growth, rusting steel and other metals, delamination of materials like plywood and much, much more. 

Water damage can be slow and appear in small dots around the affected area, or it can be rapid and catastrophic, causing major flooding and damage throughout the building.

To help avoid water damage in your home or business, we recommend keeping on top of waterproofing. That’s where we come in – we’re the waterproofing Newcastle specialists, helping home and business owners keep their property dry and free from damage for more than 25 years.


The most common area that requires waterproofing is the bathroom. Thanks to amenities like showers, sinks, baths and toilets, the risk of water damage is higher.

Underneath the tiles in your bathroom, there should be what we call a waterproof membrane – a water-tight layer of material designed to stop water from passing through to the walls and floors.

Unfortunately, these waterproof membranes are prone to breaching and letting water trickle through, causing water damage over time. This can be caused by your home or building settling into its foundations, movements, and even the use of chemicals in the bathroom.

Additionally, wooden structures like decks and patios require waterproofing, too! We recommend waterproofing your deck to prevent rotting wood and water damage from rainy days and extended exposure to the elements.


At Newcastle Plumbing, we’re committed to fixing leaks using non-invasive methods. Our team is trained to waterproof tiled areas like bathrooms and kitchens without removing tiles, so there’s no additional damage or extra work required to restore your bathroom. 

Our team uses reliable sealing products which are applied to the surface of your bathroom or tiles, creating a strong seal and stopping leaks in their tracks.

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Newcastle Plumbing is home to an experienced team of plumbers, drainers and gas fitters. With more than two decades on the job, we know a thing or two about waterproofing and plumbing – so you can rest assured knowing we’ll get the job done quickly, efficiently, and safely, so you can move onto the more important things.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to Australian Standards and providing affordable yet high quality Newcastle waterproofing services. We’re focused on protecting your bathroom, deck, patio and more from water damage, whether it’s just been installed or your current waterproofing methods need a refresh.

We’ve had hundreds of happy customers here at Newcastle Plumbing:

“They are prompt and reliable and have never had a problem with something they have fixed. Highly recommend these guys for anyone wanting a good honest plumber to get the job done right and give an honest opinion.” – Rachael. 

We’re your one-stop-shop for waterproofing in Newcastle!


We offer competitive pricing on Newcastle waterproofing. Give us a call for an obligation free quote, or even for advice on how to waterproof your home or business effectively. 

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